Pin position module

Never before has a specific tool for maintaining rounds and optimizing the playing experience been available to the golf course manager and the green keeper.

User location module

The organization of the game and the optimization of the mobile elements is simplified thanks to the support of an end user app that sends information to the map within the management system.

Tailor-made modules

If your golf course needs a specific module to increase the operational efficiency of your facility, contact us and we will study adding it to our extensible cloud system.

About our software

1. Greens Master List

The 'Pin Position Module' of our golf course management system allows you to maintain a list of greens to scale conserving its vectorial silhouette, as well as its division into zones of difficulty and of tendency to waterlogging.

2. Round creation

The greens can be incorporated into rounds, which in turn are associated with dates. By adding a green to a round, the pin can be located in different places and thus generate rounds with variety. In addition, this process can be done automatically.

3. Distribute the 'Pin Card'

The product of creating a new round culminates in the generation of a round description card that incorporates the pin position as well as the effective dates of the round. This information is useful to the player, gardeners, tournament directors, etc.

Let us introduce you to our GCMS (Golf Course Management System) as a cloud subscription service, with a modular nature, which will grow in functionalities thanks to its extensible architecture.

Our first module is the 'Pin position‘ (green keeping support), which provides a service for which we have found practically no competition, and whose purpose is to help the golf course manager create and manage the 'rounds' (groups of 18 holes) so that:
  • the player receives a fresh 'Pin Card' more often with increasedly creative and varied flag placement and difficulty settings
  • the green keeper knows how to interpret the exact location of the pin position in the card using a standardized nomenclature
  • the facility manager can comfortably adapt to the demands of tournaments, avoid excessive damage to the turf and anticipate the influence of the weather on the gameplay
Other modules we're getting ready are:
  • Location of players in the field through a mobile app
  • Location of assets (trolleys, buggies) in the field using the same mobile app and bluetooth beacons
  • Setting the pin position with the app's GPS
  • Marketing campaigns launched to the app (cafeteria offers, brand offers, etc.)
  • Access control and security
  • Reports on operational efficiency, capacity, etc.
  • Bookings
  • Etc. (tailor made modules)

As you can see, the target customer is the operational manager of the golf course, who not only has to satisfy the tournament organizers, but also the regular players (and even the turf itself). However, as the system grows, the functionalities will serve more types of users (round designers, gardeners, players, visitors, judges, administrators, security, etc.).

About us


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